Costco Pokemon TCG Package Contains Exclusive Holos, Including Charizard

Costco stores in Canada are now selling a “repack” product containing the Kanto Power Mini Tins and four promo cards! It costs $48.99 CAD.


The package includes new cosmo holofoil versions of Charizard from Team Up, Pikachu from Shining Legends, Dragonite from Unified Minds, and Mewtwo from Unbroken Bonds. All of them are featured on the tins, but Mew was left out.

These holo versions are exclusive to this product. Most were originally non-holos. Some were printed as theme deck holos or on other holofoil paper.

It’s unclear if the product will make its way to Costco stores in the U.S.

Thanks goes to Yoman Y. for sending us the photos!