A Second Cinderace Staff Promo Discovered, Willy Wonka Suspected!

A second Cinderace staff promo has been discovered in a Chilling Reign Build & Battle Box! Thanks goes to Hunter for sending us his photos!


Whereas the first one was discovered in England, this one was found in Kansas City, Missouri. A fan named “Hunter” bought the box for his fiancée “Mercedes” and was the one who realized it was a staff promo. The box was purchased on eBay and shipped from Wisconsin. He told us:

I had just seen the news story about the one found in the UK, so I flipped out when I saw the gold STAFF stamp on her promo. My fiancée hadn’t seen the news yet, so she was really confused as to why I was freaking out. When I told her, she didn’t believe it, but after she realized what we had she was extremely happy and texted pictures to our other friends who collect.

As far as what we plan to do with it, right now we want to take it to a local card shop and have it pre-graded before we make any final decisions, but we’re not in any hurry to get rid of it. It would take a pretty huge offer for us to part with it right now.

This now means the factory error wasn’t a one-off incident. There are probably more staff promos out there. Europe’s TCG products are printed in the United States and shipped overseas, so it’s not surprising that if more were to be found, they would be here in the U.S.

The question now is what other lucky fans will find the golden-stamped Cinderace promo, and will Willy Wonka invite them to Pokemon’s printing factories? Maybe they’ll get a Special Delivery Charizard? :p