‘Pokemon Postal Stamp Box’ Releasing, Contains Unique Full Art Promos and TCG Stamps!

Japan Post is teaming up with Pokemon to release a unique Pokemon TCG stamp collection!

Each box will come with 1) a sheet of real postage stamps featuring Pokemon TCG cards and Japanese-style artwork of Pikachu and Cramorant, 2) two full art promo cards of Pikachu and Cramorant, 3) three stickers featuring Pikachu, Eevee, and Charizard, and 4) the Pokemon TCG Family Box Set.

There will be an initial print run of 80,000 boxes, with more possibly printing in the future depending on demand.

The box will release on August 25th and cost 4,000 yen, or about $37. Preorders will open July 26th at 9 AM in Japan.

The Pikachu and Cramorant artwork are based on the classic Japanese stamps “Beauty Looking Back” and “Moon Goose.” Like The Scream promos, it’s unlikely the cards will release outside Japan.

Japan Post will also be releasing individual stamps sheets featuring even more TCG cards and Pokemon artwork: