‘Eevee Heroes’ Secret Rares — Special Arts of the Eeveelutions!

The secret rares from Eevee Heroes are beginning to appear on social media!

The set has 69 regular cards… but 32 secret rares…

Each Eeveelution V will get both a full art version and special art version. Each VMAX in the set (Leafeon, Glaceon, Sylveon, and Umbreon) will get both a rainbow rare version and a special art version. This means there are a total of 12 special arts.

As we exclusively revealed several months ago, the set’s gold shiny Pokemon is Inteleon.

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Update (3:30 AM): After eight long hours of coverage, all of the secret rares are now up!

‘Eevee Heroes’ Secret Rares List

  • #70 Leafeon V (Full Art)
  • #71 Leafeon V (Special Art)
  • #72 Flareon V (Full Art)
  • #73 Flareon V (Special Art)
  • #74 Vaporeon V (Full Art)
  • #75 Vaporeon V (Special Art)
  • #76 Glaceon V (Full Art)
  • #77 Glaceon V (Special Art)
  • #78 Jolteon V (Full Art)
  • #79 Jolteon V (Special Art)
  • #80 Espeon V (Full Art)
  • #81 Espeon V (Special Art)
  • #82 Sylveon V (Full Art)
  • #83 Sylveon V (Special Art)
  • #84 Umbreon V (Full Art)
  • #85 Umbreon V (Special Art)
  • #86 Aroma Lady (Full Art)
  • #87 Gordie (Full Art)
  • #88 Leafeon VMAX (Rainbow Rare)
  • #89 Leafeon VMAX (Special Art)
  • #90 Glaceon VMAX (RR)
  • #91 Glaceon VMAX (Special Art)
  • #92 Sylveon VMAX (RR)
  • #93 Sylveon VMAX (Special Art)
  • #94 Umbreon VMAX (RR)
  • #95 Umbreon VMAX (Special Art)
  • #96 Aroma Lady (RR)
  • #97 Gordie (RR)
  • #98 Inteleon (Gold)
  • #99 Vigor Shake (Gold)
  • #100 Turffield Stadium (Gold)
  • #101 Darkness Energy (Gold)

‘Eevee Heroes’

We translated all of the cards from Eevee Heroes last week. To review, here are all the Eeveelutions in the set and its associated promo products:

The cards from Eevee Heroes will either become part of August’s Evolving Skies set, our unnamed November set, or fall’s special 25th anniversary set. We don’t know at this time.