‘Chilling Reign’ To Be Largest SWSH Set So Far at 198 Cards!

According to PTCGO’s internal data, Chilling Reign will feature 198 cards before secret rares. We already knew we wouldn’t get all the Japanese cards in our English set based on the set description. [no_toc]

Our set will be sourced from S5a Matchless Fighters (70 cards + 26 secret rares) and S6 Silver Lance & Jet-Black Spirit (140 cards + 50 secret rares).

Note that Japan counts full art Pokemon and Supporters as secret rares, but those are always in our main set list. Based on the English set’s description we know we’re losing three Pokemon V and one Pokemon VMAX (along with their secret rare versions). This means we’d have as many as 34 of Japan’s “secret rares” in our main set.

As such, roughly 45 cards of Japan’s 244 cards will be cut from our main Chilling Reign set. Our staff member JustinBasil estimates we’re getting all the full art Supporter cards plus the full art Honey promo. We don’t yet know how our secret rares (gold and rainbow rare cards) will be affected by cuts.

Chilling Reign‘s main 198 card set will have four less cards than Sun & Moon‘s 202 cards, but it will have more secret rares, making it the largest set of the Sword & Shield era. For reference, Battle Styles featured 163 cards (+20 more secret rares), Vivid Voltage had 185 cards (+18 secret rares), Darkness Ablaze had 189 (+12 secret rares), Rebel Clash had 192 cards (+17 secret rares), and Sword & Shield had 202 cards (+14 secret rares).

However Chilling Reign‘s main set doesn’t approach the size of sets like Lost Thunder (214 cards before secret rares) or Cosmic Eclipse (236).

Japan has been increasing the amount of secret rares they release lately. Here’s all the potential secret rares from both Japanese sets that will make up our English set. Which will we get in our set, and which will be saved for later?

S5a ‘Matchless Fighters’ Secret Rares

S6 ‘Silver Lance’ Secret Rares

S6 ‘Jet-Black Spirit’ Secret Rares

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