Professor Willow from ‘Pokemon GO’ Coming to the TCG this Summer!

Professor Willow will be getting his own TCG card this summer to celebrate Pokemon GO‘s fifth anniversary and Pokemon’s 25th anniversary! Niantic will reveal the card in late May. It will presumably be a Supporter.

The card will be available this summer “in regions around the world where the Pokemon TCG is sold,” which sounds like it will be sold within a product at stores. However, we have not seen any product listings for a Pokemon GO product from distributors. This could mean it will be a giveaway or the product was created recently.

Niantic says this will be “part one” of their collaboration with the Pokemon TCG, which implies more is to come.

This will be the first time the TCG has tied-in to Pokemon GO. There have been Pokemon GO-inspired products before, like the Articuno-EX, Zapdos-EX, and Moltres-EX Legendary Battle Decks. But this will be the first time the TCG is directly promoting content from Pokemon GO.