‘Chilling Reign,’ June’s English TCG Set!

The next English TCG set will be named Chilling Reign!

It will release on June 18th. The prerelease window will take place from June 5th to June 13th, though most countries won’t host any due to the pandemic.

The set should be comprised of cards from S5a Matchless Fighters and S6 Silver Lance / Jet-Black Spirit.

The name comes from the fact the last two sets feature Ice Rider Calyrex and Shadow Rider Calyrex. Their sets haven’t been officially revealed yet. The two Calyrex will appear as Water or Psychic-type Pokemon V and VMAX.

There are currently product shortages due to the pandemic’s impact on printing factories. However, TPCi seemed to indicate in a recent announcement that these issues will soon be resolved.

Normally Chilling Reign would have been our May set, but its release has been pushed back a month like Battle Styles. We reported this would happen last fall. The set schedule will return to its normal “February / May / August / November” pattern later this year. TPCi’s decision to shift the schedule may have been caused by the aforementioned pandemic issues or the release of Shining Fates in February.

No other information has been revealed about Chilling Reign, but stay tuned!