McDonald’s 25th Anniversary Set Will Actually Contain 50 Cards! Ahh!!!

Prepare for blood!

We previously reported McDonald’s 25th anniversary set will contain 25 cards. The cards will feature all 24 Starter Pokemon plus Pikachu. All the cards are reprints, but with a special 25th anniversary stamp over the artwork.

Thanks to Mjisaacs, a McDonald’s manager, we’ve now learned each Happy Meal will come with 4-card booster packs. Each pack will contain four different Starter Pokemon: one as a holo and three as non-holos. Each of the 25 cards will thus be available as both holo and non-holo versions — for a total of 50 cards!

Making this even worse, the cards will be inside actual booster packs! You won’t be able to see what’s inside, unlike previous promotions.

The Happy Meal promotion will take place from February 9th through March 8th. TPCi has yet to officially reveal it, but some McDonald’s are already advertising it.

You may be able to purchase the booster packs on their own for $1.99 plus tax. This depends on the policy of your local McDonald’s. You’ll have to buy more than 25 packs to get all the holos, so you can either purchase a ton of packs or trade your extra holos for the ones you’re missing!

The holos will be printed on a special holofoil paper exclusive to McDonald’s sets.