McDonald’s 25th Anniversary Pokemon Promotion Starts in February — Way Too Many Goodies!

The McDonald’s Happy Meal promotion will start on February 9th to celebrate Pokemon’s 25th anniversary! Thanks to an ad spotted at a local McDonald’s, we know Happy Meals will come with promo cards, sticker sheets, and what appears to be a card frame:

Each Happy Meal will come with four of 25 promos featuring the Starter Pokemon from each region. (Previous promotions came with one of 12 promo cards, so Pokemon is going all-out for this promotion!) Each card is a reprint but with a 25th anniversary stamp in the corner of the artwork. They should be printed on McDonalds holofoil paper like previous promotions:

As every Pokemon TCG fan knows, you can buy the toys without the meals. You just have to ask your McDonalds to purchase them separately. That way you can keep your figure!

The promotion begins in less than two weeks, so we should have more information soon. Thanks goes to Miguel L. for snapping the photo!