Pokemon Promos Releasing in General Mills Cereals for 25th Anniversary!

Another set of promo cards will be available in General Mills cereals — this time to celebrate Pokemon’s 25th anniversary!


A 25th anniversary edition of the General Mills Pokemon cereal will release this year with 3-card booster packs containing one holo card and two non-holo cards. 14 cards will be available in total. Each card is a reprint from a past set.

General Mills promos feature their own holofoil paper that distinguishes them from regular holo cards. This means the holo cards are exclusive to this collection.

Unless there is an error on the package above, it appears only the Pikachu holo will have a 25th anniversary stamp. In the past, the non-holo cards in General Mills cereals have always been exact reprints from their sets. If they were also stamped, you’d have to collect all 14!

It’s currently unknown when the Pokemon cereal box will release, but it will probably be in February.

Update (8:00 PM): Four of the five holo promos have been revealed! Only Pikachu features the 25th anniversary stamp. The promos will release in a 25th anniversary edition of the General Mills Pokemon cereal on February 27th.