‘Vivid Voltage’ League Awards Releasing This Week for PTCGO — Free Promos and Items!

Back in June, TPCi announced a new “League at Home” program to encourage Pokemon Leagues to go virtual during the pandemic. TPCi sent League owner codes to distribute to their players which unlocked Rebel Clash promos in PTCGO. That was the last activity from the program.

But now TPCi has started sending out new codes to League owners to unlock Vivid Voltage awards! There are three reward codes that unlock reverse holo promos of one of three Vivid Voltage rares – Electrode, Whimsicott, or Garbodor  – in addition to gameplay items. You can contact your League owner to determine how to earn each award; they will give you the codes to unlock them in PTCGO.

Sword & Shield—Vivid Voltage Season 1 Rewards: 4x Electrode League promo cards + Vivid Voltage Deck Box

Sword & Shield—Vivid Voltage Season 2 Rewards: 4x Whimsicott League promo card + Golden Pikachu Coin

Sword & Shield—Vivid Voltage Season 3 Rewards: 4x Garbodor League promo card + Vivid Voltage Card Sleeves

The biggest takeaway from these League awards is that “Gem Promos” are still a risky investment in PTCGO. The tradeable Golden Pikachu Coin was previously only available to those who bought one through a PTCGO-exclusive shop bundle. To highlight how rare this in-game coin was, it was worth more than a 2012 copy of Tropical Beach.

We expect the coin to drop in value as more players get their hands on these Vivid Voltage League codes.

Thanks goes to Yoan S. from our forums for assisting with this story!