‘Single Strike Master’ & ‘Rapid Strike Master’ Officially Listed, +UV Cards?

Amazon Japan has officially listed Single Strike Master and Rapid Strike Master! As posted before, they’re Japan’s next Sword & Shield sets and will release as a dual set. They will hit store shelves on January 22nd, which is later than usual.

The two sets are themed around Urshifu and The Isle of Armor. Each set will contain 70 cards, excluding secret rares. They are advertised as taking us into the second year of Sword & Shield. (In Japan, “base sets” are often dual sets, like the first Sword and Shield dual sets.)

While Japan’s first Sword and Shield sets saw the release of one Premium Trainer Box (pictured below), both of these sets will get their own. Their official product description mention a “UV” term we haven’t heard before, which is some sort of card that will be holo. Could the “UV” be a new type of Pokemon V? A new rarity or foil treatment? At this point we’re not even sure if it’s supposed to be read as “UV” or “+UV” since the phrasing isn’t parsed with spaces. It’s up to interpretation at this point!

Contains 157 cards: 1 holo+UV, 48 “normal” reprints, 108 Energy cards
1 Pokemon coin
1 acrylic damage counter set (6 100 damage, 8 50 damage, 20 10 damage)
1 premium poison marker
1 premium burn marker
1 damage counter case
15 packs of either Single Strike Master or Rapid Strike Master

The set will also see the release of deck sleeves, a carrying case (with 11 dividers), and a folder file.

Thanks goes to Arantxa T. for the translations!