The Damage Plan — Where Dragapult VMAX Stands in Standard

Hello PokeBeach readers, my name is Michael Catron and this is my first article for PokeBeach! To tell you a bit about myself, I have been playing the Pokémon TCG for 10 years and have competed in seven World Championships. My best accomplishment to date is a Top 4 Regionals finish with Malamar at Daytona Regionals back in November. Now that you know a bit about me let’s get into the article and my favorite deck Dragapult VMAX.

Dragapult VMAX seemingly died off after the release of Darkness Ablaze because of its Darkness-type Weakness. However there are a few flaws with the Eternatus VMAX deck that Dragapult VMAX is able to exploit. The other big problem for Dragapult VMAX in this meta is the popularity of Lucario and Melmetal-GX, Full Metal Wall GX along with Metal Goggles limits the amount of damage Dragapult VMAX can do, but this can be avoided with the addition of cards such as Tool Scrapper and Mallow and Lana to heal the damage they do to you.

Dragapult VMAX List

Dragapult VMAX has changed a ton since we last saw it really perform during online events. With the loss of Escape Board consistency has gone down because Jirachi doesn’t do enough anymore. Towards the end of the pre-Darkness Ablaze format, we also saw most lists straying away from Crushing Hammer but with Eternatus VMAX running rampant it is a crucial card to the success of Dragapult VMAX in this format. So here’s the list:

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