First ‘Elite Trainer Box Plus’ Details!

We now have preliminary details for the “Elite Trainer Box Plus” releasing alongside Vivid Voltage.

It will come with 12 booster packs instead of the usual eight. It will also include at least one promo card — we don’t know how many yet. It is being advertised as a “super collection.” The rest of the items inside match what normally comes in an Elite Trainer Box, such as card sleeves and dice.

As posted before, it will retail for around $60. We still don’t know if it will be unique to Vivid Voltage or if every set will have one from now on. A normal Elite Trainer Box will still release alongside Vivid Voltage for $40.

Vivid Voltage and the Elite Trainer Box Plus will release on November 13th. An Ultra Premium Collection with 16 booster packs and two promo cards is also releasing on the same day.