Diving into Darkness Ablaze — A Look at Pre and Post Rotation Standard

Hello everyone and welcome back to PokeBeach! I am back with another article today, which is always exciting when a new set has been released. On top of that, we have the annual rotation coming up! Everything up until Team Up is getting axed, meaning we are going to see a decent number of changes in the way some decks are built, which is always a refreshing feeling.

We are not quite at the point of rotation yet, even though it is fast approaching, as many players are gearing up for some important online tournaments in the coming days. In my last article, I went over the release of Darkness Ablaze and talked a bit about how I thought the meta would be impacted. I have more of that information today, including my pick for any upcoming events, so anyone still trying to squeeze some fun out of the Ultra PrismDarkness Ablaze has come to the right place. Additionally, I know many players are already moving on to the post-rotation format, so I can understand that being more of an interesting content piece. For that reason, I have also included some thoughts on the post-rotation format, which includes a review of rotating cards, general thoughts, and an early tier list! No matter what Darkness Ablaze related content you were looking for, this article should have something for you.

I’ll be kicking things off with some pre-rotation knowledge, so let’s start off the article with a look at current Combo Zacian V.


Here is my pick for Online Tournaments that are coming up:

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