Silhouette of Upcoming Mythical Pokemon Resembles…?

CoroCoro magazine is set to reveal the silhouette of a new Mythical Pokemon in a few days. The Pokemon will star in this year’s movie, Pokemon Koko, and will also be available in Sword & Shield.

During a special livestream on YouTube today, the magazine revealed a partial shot of the Pokemon’s silhouette.

The Pokemon appears to have an appendage with “wrappings” around it. This matches the wrappings around the arm of the human character shown in Koko‘s trailer last month. It’s even wrapped around his arm the same number of times.

The Koko trailer also showed the human character as a baby, as well as Celebi’s time traveling shrine from the fourth movie.

Could the new Pokemon and human be related, or even the same? Is the human paying homage to the Pokemon with his outfit? Was he raised by the Pokemon? We’ll find out soon! The new Mythical Pokemon will be fully revealed on February 27th’s Pokemon Day.