PokemonCenter.com to Release Eevee and Evolutions Funko Figures!

Eevee and its evolutions will receive Funko figures starting this month! Their line will be named “An Afternoon with Eevee & Friends.” This is following the release of the popular “A Day with Pikachu” Funko figure collection, which depicted Pikachu in various holidays and seasons.

PokemonCenter.com will release Eevee’s Funko figure on February 18th. Its Evolutions will release in the subsequent months:

  • Vaporeon (expected to launch in March 2020)
  • Sylveon (expected to launch in April 2020)
  • Glaceon (expected to launch in May 2020)
  • Flareon (expected to launch in June 2020)
  • Espeon (expected to launch in July 2020)
  • Jolteon (expected to launch in August 2020)
  • Leafeon (expected to launch in September 2020)
  • Umbreon (expected to launch in October 2020)

Fans can piece together all nine figures to form a larger display.