‘Rebellion Clash’ To Feature Dragapult V and Two Staple Cards for Every Deck!

More teaser information for Japan’s Rebellion Clash set has been released to stores to encourage preorders.

In addition to featuring a Lightning-type Toxtricity V, the set will also feature a Psychic-type Dragapult V (who’s Dragon / Ghost in the games). Both Pokemon will likely be released as Pokemon VMAX too.

The set will focus on Psychic and Lightning-type Pokemon. There will be new Special Energy card(s) that will help those types.

The teaser info says the set will include two staple cards that every deck will want to use. The first is a Pokemon V with an Ability that activates when you play it from your hand to your Bench. The second is a Trainer card that switches your opponent’s Benched Pokemon with their Active Pokemon.

And to review:

Japan’s second main Sword & Shield set will be named Rebellion Crash. It will contain 96 cards, excluding secret rares, and release on March 6th. No further information is known at this time.

On the same day, Japan will get a “Rebellion Crash Special Set” featuring Toxtricity! The box will come with a Toxtricity V promo card, seven packs of Rebellious Crash, a metal can case featuring special artwork, a Special Energy card, and 14 Lightning Energy. It will cost 1,650 yen. Since it includes Lightning Energy, Toxtricity V will likely be Lightning-type.

Since we haven’t had a Charizard card in days, on March 27th, Japan will get two “Sword & Shield Starter Sets” featuring Charizard VMAX and Grimmsnarl VMAX! Each package will include a 60-card deck and the usual trimmings of a deck release. They will retail for 1,711 yen each. Since each deck features a VMAX, this means they will also include Charizard V and Grimmsnarl V.

We will get the cards from Rebellion Clash in our Rebel Clash set in May.

Thanks goes to Bangiras for the translations!