‘Rebel Clash’ is May’s English Set, Other Products Releasing Same Day!

We can exclusively reveal that May’s English set will be named Rebel Clash and will release on May 1st!

No other information has been released to us at this time, but our set should feature Toxtricity, Charizard, and Grimmsnarl as Pokemon V and VMAX. We may receive a set description later today, so be sure to check back!

A new “Sword & Shield Figure Collection” and “Pokemon V Box” will also release on May 1st. No further info has been released.

As previously revealed, Japan’s March set is named Rebellious Crash. The name of that set is our own translation, but it could also be translated to Rebel Clash like the official English name (in other words, the English and Japanese sets have the same name).

Update: This post previously revisited the worldwide synced releases theory. However, our first Sword & Shield set already has most of its cards accounted for — all from Japan’s first Sword & Shield sets — which does not currently line up with the release schedule proposed in the theory. We will have to revisit the theory once we have more information about Sword & Shield and Rebel Clash.