Jimmy’s Georgia Marathon Experience — Recapping Standard and Expanded Cups

Hello everyone, and welcome to another one of my articles! I am pleased to be home from a long trip to Georgia, where I played in six League Cups in a row. It was a fun week of Pokemon, and I got to learn a lot about both Standard and Expanded formats. I feel I have a much better understanding of the Standard format, as I was previously unsure of a couple things and a huge doubter of Pidgeotto Control. As for Expanded, I had not played many games in preparation for Dallas, so I consider those last two Expanded League Cups to be the start of some rigorous testing for the Dallas Regional Championships. That being said, I am going to review my time in Georgia. You’ll get to see every decklist I used, and I will be providing a ton of analysis on said decklists and my tournament experience.

League Cup 1 to 3 — Pidgeotto Control (Standard)

The list below was used for the first two League Cups – for the third League Cup I removed the Cynthia for a Mew. From that secondary list, I made a few changes for the fourth League Cup, which is the other Pidgeotto list below.

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