Mewtwo and Mew-GX — A Complete Expanded Review

The Cosmic Eclipse set introduced many new cards for Mewtwo and Mew-GX such as: Venusaur and Snivy-GX, Mega Lopunny and Jigglypuff-GX, Guzma and Hala, and Tag Call. The list I’ve been testing plays a combination of seven of these alone. Needless to say, the deck has significantly improved from the last time we saw it in action in Expanded. Kiernan Wagner made Top 8 with the deck at Portland, Oregon Regionals, but other than that it has had a mostly quiet run at major events. From the onset of Expanded, hopes were high for the top-performing Standard deck. Dimension Valley was said to alleviate the need for an Energy acceleration card like Welder and the addition of Double Colorless Energy opened up other options.

This deck was, however, missing a huge piece from the last set that I’ve already mentioned: Guzma and Hala. With this Supporter, Mewtwo and Mew-GX can get almost all the cards it needs all at once. This improves the deck by making it far more consistent. Almost equally important is the addition of Venusaur and Snivy-GX to act as gatekeeper for Pokemon that need to evolve. In general, the options that your array of different attackers open up give you many different ways to win.

When making a list for this deck it’s important to focus on Guzma and Hala. It opens up the deck and gets you where you need to go by finding nearly all the pivotal pieces that make your deck work. I’ve tried a list without VS Seeker entirely, only Great Catcher instead of Guzma, and devoid of other Supporter cards, however I prefer a more diversified build like this:

Expanded Mewtwo and Mew-GX

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