Expanded Doll Stall — This Deck Breaks the Game

Alright everyone, today I’ve got another Expanded deck to share with you all. This one is a disruptive control deck, which is either fun or degenerate depending on who you’re talking to. Expanded recently got hit with several bans, with most of said bans being targeted at control cards. Powerful disruptive options such as: Reset Stamp, Chip-Chip Ice Axe, and, most importantly, Lt. Surge's Strategy have all been sent to the shadow realm in an effort to make Expanded more fun and fair. In lieu of control as an archetype getting nerfed to the point of being completely crippled, most people have assumed that control variants are done for in Expanded. We’ve seen lots of talk and League Cup results from the likes of Ultra Necrozma, Rowlet and Alolan Exeggutor-GX, and Zoroark-GX, but nobody is hyping up control.

Hand control as we know it has been wiped from existence. Peeking Red Card cannot fill the void left by Lt. Surge’s Strategy and Reset Stamp. However, more old-fashioned disruption decks have an opening to succeed in this new Expanded format, especially with several powerful options from Cosmic Eclipse.

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