Polteageist, Cramorant, Third Potential Pokemon, and New ‘Sword & Shield’ Features Revealed!

Today’s Nintendo Direct revealed new Pokemon Polteageist (Ghost) and Cramorant (Flying/Water) from Pokemon Sword & Shield!

After using Surf or Dive, Cramorant’s Gulp Missile Ability allows it to throw its catch at its opponent. In the video it throws a fish at Sudowoodo, which may be a third new Pokemon (pictured right). Update #1: Added artwork of Cramorant spitting out the potential Pokemon.

Cramorant once again confirms that the Sword & Shield rumors were accurate.

Polteageist has Weak Armor as its Ability.

The news also revealed that you can customize your outfits more than ever before, including wearing makeup. There’s also a new Pokemon Camp feature (originally revealed in the aforementioned leaks) and a new “Curry” Pokemon food mechanic. Wonder Trade is returning as Surprise Trade. You can create and collect your own League Trainer Card, which you can customize with different backgrounds, poses, and more. Your card shows when you battle other Trainers.

Update #3: We now have the official press release from Pokemon:

Category: Gulp Pokémon
Type: Flying/Water
Height: 2’7”
Weight: 39.7 lbs.
Ability: Gulp Missile

When it comes to food, Cramorant will try to swallow anything it can fit in its mouth. Sometimes it will swallow things that aren’t its intended prey, spitting them out once it realizes its mistake. A Cramorant can be forgetful, but it will never forget a Trainer it grows to trust. However, even Trainers will face fierce attacks from their Cramorant if they try to steal its food. Cramorant’s Ability, Gulp Missile, is a new Ability that can be triggered during battles. After Cramorant uses Surf or Dive, it will return with a catch in its mouth. If it takes damage while in this state, Cramorant will retaliate by spitting out its catch at that opponent.

Category: Black Tea Pokémon
Type: Ghost
Height: 8”
Weight: .9 lbs.
Ability: Weak Armor

Polteageist’s body is made from black tea, and it’s said to have a very distinct aroma and flavor. It will only allow a Trainer it trusts to sample its tea, although drinking too much can lead to indigestion. Many Polteageist make their homes inside hotels and restaurants where they disguise themselves and hide among the tableware. Because they can pour their power into leftover tea and create even more of their kind, they’re often treated as pests.

Alcremie is known to be able to create whipped cream from its hands. There are several variations of color and flavor for this whipped cream, as well as the decorations on its body.

Pokémon Camp
Trainers can enjoy a moment of relaxation and fun with the Pokémon in their party through Pokémon Camp. When Trainers watch their Pokémon as they have fun camping and playing together, they might discover a new side to them that they don’t normally get to see. Trainers can get to know their Pokémon better by playing with them using a Poké Toy or a variety of bouncing balls.

In Pokémon Camp, Trainers will be able to cook curry, a popular dish in the Galar region. Trainers can create a variety of curries, depending on what Berries and other ingredients they choose to use. Players will need to fan the flames until they’re strong enough to cook the curry and then stir the pot just right to make the best batch. Once the curry is done cooking, both Trainer and Pokémon can enjoy it together. There are many types of curries, so Trainers can try to cook them all and complete their Curry Dex.

Pokémon Camp is also a way for Trainers to connect with other players in the Wild Area. Trainers can join the camp of another player or have other players visit their camp until a total of four players are gathered. Together they can interact with Pokémon or even make curry. If a player comes across a tent while using local communication or when connected to the internet, it’s a sign that another player has set up their Pokémon Camp there. A Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to visit other players’ Pokémon Camps using an internet connection. A membership is not required to play with other players using local communication features.

Explore Galar in Style
As Trainers travel through the Galar region, they will come across boutiques and hair salons. By visiting them, they can buy new clothes or change their hairstyle. Trainers will be able to choose from many different clothing items, hairstyles, and even makeup options as they explore Galar in style.

Create a League Card
Pokémon Trainers in the Galar region make League Cards for themselves. These cards provide detailed information about the Trainer and are traded and given out across the region. Players can use the Card Maker function of Rotomi to customize their own cards. The Card Maker will enable players to edit the background, frame, and much more on their own unique League Cards. League Cards received from other Trainers can be reviewed in a player’s album.

Connect with Players Using Surprise Trades
In Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, Trainers can use the Y-Comm to do things like engage in Link Battles or Trade Pokémon. Another feature available on the Y-Comm menu is Surprise Trade. The player just needs to select a Pokémon from their Boxes that they’re willing to trade, and a trading partner will automatically be found as they continue their adventure. These trades can be carried out with players from around the world if the player is using the internet or through local communication with someone around them. Trainers won’t know what Pokémon they’ll get in exchange for their Pokémon until they actually receive it.

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  1. Zero Umbreon Pyromaniacal sorcerer
    Zero Umbreon


    Cramorant’s expression is the greatest thing. I love it.
  2. ScrawnyMeowth1 The Maker of Pokemon Lists


    I also noticed that there was a different form of Alcremie in the trailer. It looked more green-tinged, and it had clover leaves in place of strawberries.
  3. Zero Umbreon Pyromaniacal sorcerer
    Zero Umbreon


    The fish seems like a barracuda to me. With that plus the fact that it’s being shot out of Cramoront’s beak, I’m gonna guess it’s name is...

    *drumroll please*

  4. steffenka Miss Vaanjie


    Or could be Barrazooka! That's another good name :p
  5. Zero Umbreon Pyromaniacal sorcerer
    Zero Umbreon


    Ooh I like it! I’m going to be kinda disappointed now if it’s not a bazooka fish lol
    steffenka likes this.
  6. Tails The Blonde Brainiac

    Forum Mod Advanced Member Member

    Hmmmm, the trailer was...okay? I'm not too blown away with what we saw, but I wasn't expecting much. I can't really complain much.

    It's always nice to see character customization back, hopefully we get some awesome clothing options.
  7. Zero Umbreon Pyromaniacal sorcerer
    Zero Umbreon


    Actually looking at it closer it’s definitely a barracuda (it’s got the markings and the stupid look on its face) and it does have missile fins on its tail...
  8. Kangaflora Aspiring Trainer


    Flying/Water huh? The first time I've seen a Water/Flying type where Flying is actually the first type, instead of it's usual second type, though I am pleased that Flying is slowly becoming dominant. Hopefully, they will surprise us by making a majority of Normal/Flying Pokémon to pure Flying, now that would be a dream come true, plus if they do that, it will reflect how they are being represented in the Trading Card Game.
  9. xTITAN Training Aspirer


    Polteageist is so freaking adorable. I love him so much.
  10. WillyCharizard Aspiring Trainer


    Now I just wonder Cramorant somehow summon real fishes into the Pokemon world? This confirm regular animals on Pokemon world? or that Fish gonna be an actual pokemon? Then Cramorant summon pokemons in a middle of the battle?
    Animegamer420 likes this.
  11. WaterTrainer Water types, unite!


    Okay, Polteageist and Cramorant are adorable. And Cramorant's expression is priceless.
  12. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    Bird reminds me of a boobie. Still waiting for the Pidgey reveal. Game is still in no sale status for me.
  13. KeoKeo Aspiring Trainer


    It references the double-crested coromant.
    also that poor fish. least it looks happy with it's fate.
  14. hervul Aspiring Trainer


    I like these new Pokemon! They just missed the opportunity of calling it "Pot-tea-geist" instead.
  15. Geodude Aspiring Trainer


    But that would make it sound like "Potty-geist" when it has nothing to do with going to the toilet...not until you drink its tea, at least.

    Random thought: Scald seems like an obvious part of its move list, doesn't it?
  16. Snowy Lilacs Aspiring Trainer
    Snowy Lilacs


    I'm still waiting for them to let us give us a chance to choose bold hair colors. Like blue, purple, pink, green etc

    Like come on, Animal Crossing does, and Pokemon has been around slightly longer
  17. Otaku The wise fool?


    Am I the only one who saw Polteageist and immediately thought of Mrs. Potts?

    I mean, if I haven't flubbed the pronunciation, you can even sing its name to the tune of "Be Our Guest"!

    Pol-tea-geist! Pol-tea-geist! Disney in Pokémon vice!
  18. ronangorski Aspiring Trainer


    The japanese trailer shows a lot of pokemon from the other generations that will be on the game, as Ninetales, Claydol, Golisopod, Goodra...
  19. Skeleton Liar サーナ~
    Skeleton Liar


    Well, the Direct trailer swiftly disproved my theory for a knight-like Galarian Gardevoir by showing a regular one walking around. Oh, well. I'll just call it a missed perfect opportunity and move on. (Though, perhaps there's a slim possibility that Galarian Gallade can still happen.)

    The thing that excited me most was also in the Direct trailer. It showed the female protagonist wearing Nessa's outfit. I have been wanting to wear Trainer NPC/Gym Leader clothes since X&Y. I'm very happy to see this. And in general, it does seem that trainer customization allows for better combinations than before, so that's nice to see.

    So... Camp is just Pokemon Amie with a new coat of paint? And I thought I just wasn't paying attention to the trailer when they showed the curry, but they really didn't reveal any purpose for it, huh? "There are many types of curries, so Trainers can try to cook them all and complete their Curry Dex." Right... And I want to complete a Curry Dex more than I want to complete the National Dex WHY??? Just whatever...

    The new Pokemon seem fine. I like how derpy Cramorant looks. And that picture of the fish puts my mind at ease, wondering if they introduced a regular fish into the Pokemon video games. More likely than not, it's a new Pokemon.

    And I never got into any of the photo side things that recent games have offered. But the League Card actually seems interesting since it looks like that image is used when facing another player.
  20. Rcxd9999 Aspiring Trainer


    At first I thought that I had seen a shiny Alcremie in the trailer, but now I know that it's more like Vivillon. Hopefully you can obtain all of it's variations through breeding, rather than then being region exclusive, because getting all the Vivillon was a nightmare that I don't want to go through again.