An Anonymous User Accurately Predicted Today’s ‘Pokemon Sword & Shield’ Info

On May 23rd, a user on an anonymous message board posted information that turned about to be (mostly) correct about today’s Pokemon Sword & Shield announcements. Their posts are duplicated below.

While it seems the rest of their information could be true, keep in mind that some of it could be fake or inaccurate. For example, they mention there’s only one wolf Legendary when we know there’s two. Thus, this information should be considered rumor for now.

Since their information may turn out to be true, please do not read the rest of this if you do not want to be spoiled.

Your rival is named Hop, but you will also be facing of against Bede and Marnie

Team Yell is the gang in this game, who are well meaning fans of Marnie causing trouble

To become part of the gym challenge, you will have to get an endorsement. Bede gets an endorsement from Chairman Rose and his secretary Oleana

Eternatus is the evil legendary. The other legendary will be a wolf, who will either have a shield mane or hold a sword like Great Wolf Sif. Don’t recall its name

Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing are new dynamics that will supersize pokemon in specific areas. Gigantamaxing is different from dynamax as it changes what the pokemon looks like. Meowth looks like long cat. Lapras gets layers like musical bars to its shell and musical notes. Pikachu looks like retro fat pikachu

Sonia is Leon’s former rival who is researching the dynamax phenomenon at the behest of her grandmother and professor of the game.

Some pokemon, like Farfechtd, will get regional evolutions, like Sirfechtd. Meowth looks like a ball of spiky grey fur

Skwovet and Greedunt iirc are chipmunk pokemon who will hide in berry trees and attack randomly if you shake for too many berries. If they attack, you lose half the berries that dropped.

The fourth gym is the first Fairy type gym, led by an actress named Opal. Milo, Nessa, and Kabu are the first ones.

Before fighting the gym leaders, you have to complete the gym challenges.
– Milo has you herding sheep pokemon named Wooloo, but Pamper, electric corgi pokemon, will startle them and send them rolling elsewhere.
– Nessa has you running through a maze where water blocks the way
– Kabu requires you to catch pokemon and get 5 points, but you have to be in a party battle with another trainer who’s also trying to catch it

Another post:

While there is a transit system, you will have to go through the Wild Area at times, an open world biome that has a weather system and little pockets where wild pokemon dynamax and have to be beaten in a for person raid. You will randomly see nearby players and interact with them to get their league cards and items

Camping is how you play with pokemon now. You’ll get two toys, a feather toy and toy pokeball, which can raise friendship. You can make curry which will raise starts and friendliness

Pokémon will not walk beside you in the overworld map

Scorbunny will have fighting moves, but is pure fighter. It becomes Raboot, but I don’t remember the final evolution, except that it looks like a fighter. It looks humanoid

Sobble becomes Sizzile and then Intelleon, a chameleon with a spy theme

Grookey will end up as a giant gorilla that beats a wood drum to attack.

Another post:

The best Pokémon so far is the blue seagull who when it dives, either gets a barracuda in its mouth or a pikachu, which it launches at its enemy

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  1. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK The Phazing Spider-Man
    TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK


    "Blue seagull"...
  2. Ramo0927 I am a


    They said the wolf will have a shield mane or hold a sword so I’m assuming they thought the wolf could transform. Honestly I will be very surprised if this leak turns out to be fake.

    Also, one of the Stadium NPCs shirts has a chipmunk on it, making this leak even more credible.
  3. mordacazir Lord of Souls


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  4. Number51x Blasting off at the speed of light!


    So I guess the villain team are basically going to be soccer hooligans? Nice, I like it!
  5. CYL All hail Eevee!


    Wow, there’s going to be an evil legendary? If that’s true wouldn’t it be the first pokemon that is actually evil (as opposed to being controlled by an evil person) in the games?

    The ‘villainous’ teams are getting worse and worse, first Team Skull and now a “well-meaning” Team Yell? Sigh, how far we’ve fallen from the golden days of the likes of Team Galactic and Team Flare who, you know, were simply trying to reshape the universe or just going to obliterate all life on Earth.
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  6. SmiteKnight Destroying half the universe one snap at a time


    It could be another aether foundation situation. I hope we get some more sinister organization alongside "yell"
  7. bateloche Aspiring Trainer


    Team Yell makes a lot of sense since Zacian (Cyan), Zamazenta (Magenta) so it lacks the Y from CMY.

    Eternatus is probably a giant wolf since the Legendaries seems to be based on the Nordic legend of Fenrir (A giant wolf, son of Loki) and his two sons Skoll and Hati.

    The storyline may have some connection to Sun and Moon, since Skoll chases the Sun and Hati the moon eventually eating their respective targets and starting Ragnarok thus freeing Fenrir who'll bring destruction and kill the gods.

    So Team Yell is probably trying to awaken Eternatus to trigger some form of cleansing to the world while you're trying to stop them, eventually they succeed in their plan and you defeat and capture Eternatus with the help of your version's Legendary stoping the end of the world.

    Pretty much the default Pokémon plot.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2019
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  8. bateloche Aspiring Trainer


    Team Yell makes a lot of sense if you look at the names of the Legendaries, see my other comment for explanation
  9. Merovingian Dead Game Enthusiast

    Articles Head Member

    And all I can think now is Vinnie Jones from Eurotrip as the Team Yell leader.


    I wonder if there will be a mechanic to where if you’re not sporting the right uniform in certain Poke-Pubs, you get mugged or lose half your items/money or something.
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  10. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    Panpour - real pokemon
    Pamper - name of new pokemon

    Nice one, pokemon
  11. Star Pentinum Dynamax! GO! Wreck them!
    Star Pentinum


    Necrozma was pretty much an evil legendary. He literally just stole light for no other reason then he wanted it, and almost wiped out an entire planet because he was angry with them. Technically they started it, and it's pretty much canon that stealing the "light" from a region only takes away literal light, and not the warmth of the sun, but still, that's not cool.
    Another thing, Gigantamaxing sounds like the equivalent to Megas or even Ultra Burst. A special form of a Pokemon that makes them bigger and more powerful? That sounds like Mega to a T.
    A lot of this sounds really interesting, but an evil team that's well-meaning? We better have some other organization like Aether pulling the strings again. If I had to bet, I'd say Leon is behind it all, like Lusamine was, and his ultimate goal is to capture the Legendary so that all of Galar will love him as their Champion. My guess is that as he gets older, everyone likes him less and less, and he craves the spotlight of the Championship again, so he's trying to use the Legendary (whose bio says that they "captivate even their opponents with their battles" so Galar will hail him again.
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  12. Number51x Blasting off at the speed of light!


    Sounds like a new super intense workout routine to me.
  13. Wechselbalg "okey"


    Intelleon actually sounds kinda neat I like that.
  14. SmiteKnight Destroying half the universe one snap at a time


    Maybe he wants the third legendary to keep his winstreak alive? After all, one can only go undefeated for so long and he might see the 3rd legendary as a way to keep himself from losing.
  15. ScrawnyMeowth1 The Maker of Pokemon Lists


    "Meowth looks like a long cat."

    What's that supposed to mean? I'm a bit concerned that they're going to butcher Meowth. That would kind of suck.
  16. CYL All hail Eevee!


    Hope so! Team Yell doesn't sound very promising for a gripping plot.
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  17. CorinthiansRose Aspiring Trainer


    Because, you know, we all play Pokemon for the gripping plot haha.
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  18. RisingRaichuu Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    Team Yell...
    Plz help me...
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  19. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    Nobody mentioned the blonde dude in the stadium crowd shots who isn't cheering and is just standing there with his arms crossed. That guy def plays a role somewhere...
  20. don()shinobi PokeBeach's Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiast. I guess.


    Some guy saw the Direct information early and posted all of the information with some other info to make themselves seem like a leaker.

    Nothing to see here, move along. Come back when any further information comes out and maybe we can discuss the legitimacy of this """leak""".