Shedinja for Worlds — How to Beat the Counters

What’s up everyone! This is Grant Manley here, talking about the one deck that few people want to talk about, and even fewer want to actually play: Oranguru / Shedinja. The great thing about this Shedinja deck is that it is broken. The downsides are that it’s brutal to play for extended periods of time, requires lots of patience and skill, and relies on not prizing important cards. This already complicated deck gets more convoluted when your opponent brings counter cards into the mix, which makes for interesting situations and long matches. That said, I don’t expect many players to bother countering Shedinja. Against any deck without counters, Shedinja picks up a free win. When considering Shedinja as a play, you must consider what counters you might need to be wary of, as well as potential options to counter the counters. I have a Shedinja list to share today that I believe might be optimal. If not, then it’s close to optimal. There are ways to win against most techs that are supposed to work against Shedinja. In this article, I’ll be going over my current Shedinja list and sharing strategies to win against everything.

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