‘Hidden Fates’ Leaking: Nearly-Complete Set List!

A YouTube user named Oblivion Welder has managed to get his hands on six Hidden Fates Pin Collections ahead of their August 23rd street date!

Out of 18 booster packs, he pulled eight cards from Shiny Vault: SV13 Voltorb, SV14 Xurkitree, SV18 Malamar, SV28 Magneton, SV32 Celesteela, SV43 Noibat, SV57 Electrode-GX, and SV82 Cynthia.

This means you should be able to get one of the Shiny Vault cards out of every two or three booster packs (or one to two cards per pin collection). Not as bank-breaking as we might have thought!

In the video, a Pinsir-GX and shiny Electrode-GX are pulled from the same pack. This is because the Shiny Vault cards occupy the reverse holo slot. So it’s possible to pull a GX from Hidden Fates and a card from Shiny Vault in the same pack.

‘Hidden Fates’ Set List

Most of the regular set list was confirmed in the video. I extrapolated some of the holes using common sense. Some holes are still unknown.

The cards below mostly come from the Family Box Set and the Brock and Misty Trainer Battle Decks, so check out the link to that set if you want to know what each of the cards do.

01 – Caterpie
02 – Metapod
03 – Butterfree
04 – Paras
05 – Scyther
06 – Pinsir-GX
07 – Charmander
08 – Charmeleon
09 – Charizard-GX
11 – Psyduck
12 – Slowpoke
13 – Staryu
14 – Starmie-GX
15 – Magikarp
16 – Gyarados
17 – Lapras
18 – Vaporeon
19 – Pikachu
20 – Raichu-GX
21 – Voltorb
22 – Electrode
23 – Jolteon
24 – Zapdos
25 – Ekans
26 – Ekans
27 – Arbok
28 – Koffing
29 – Weezing
30 – Jynx
31 – Mewtwo-GX
32 – Mew
33 – Geodude
34 – Graveler
35 – Golem
36 – Onix-GX
37 – Cubone
38 – Clefairy
39 – Clefairy
40 – Clefable
41 – Jigglypuff
42 – Wigglytuff
43 – Mr. Mime
44 – Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno-GX
45 – Farfetch’d
46 – Chansey
47 – Kangaskhan
*48 – Eevee (Forbidden Light print)?
49 – Eevee
50 – Snorlax
51 – Bill’s Analysis
*52 – Blaine’s Last Stand / Blaine’s Quiz Show?
53 – Brock’s Grit
54 – Brock’s Pewter City Gym
55 – Brock’s Training
56 – Erika’s Hospitality
57 – Giovanni’s Exile
58 – Jessie & James
59 – Koga’s Trap
60 – Lt. Surge’s Strategy
61 – Misty’s Cerulean City Gym
62 – Misty’s Determination
*63 – Misty’s Water Manipulation?
64 – Pokemon Center Lady
*65 – Sabrina’s Suggestion?
*66 Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno-GX Full Art?
*67 Giovanni’s Exile Full Art?
*68 Jessie & James Full Art?
*69 Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno-GX Rainbow Rare?

‘Hidden Fates’ Shiny Vault

All of the Japanese shiny cards and full arts made it into this set (spare Zoroark-GX and Metagross-GX). While the YouTube video only shows eight of them, they fit exactly into their expected slots. So this list should be accurate, at least up until SV82 Cynthia.

SV01 – Scyther
SV02 – Rowlet
SV03 – Dartrix
SV04 – Wimpod
SV05 – Pheromosa
SV06 – Charmander
SV07 – Charmeleon
SV08 – Alolan Vulpix
SV09 – Wooper
SV10 – Quagsire
SV11 – Froakie
SV12 – Frogadier
SV13 – Voltorb
SV14 – Xurkitree
SV15 – Seviper
SV16 – Shuppet
SV17 – Inkay
SV18 – Malamar
SV19 – Poipole
SV20 – Sudowoodo
SV21 – Riolu
SV22 – Lucario
SV23 – Rockruff
SV24 – Buzzwole
SV25 – Zorua
SV26 – Guzzlord
SV27 – Magnemite
SV28 – Magneton
SV29 – Magnezone
SV30 – Beldum
SV31 – Metang
SV32 – Celesteela
SV33 – Kartana
SV34 – Ralts
SV35 – Kirlia
SV36 – Diancie
SV37 – Altaria
SV38 – Gible
SV39 – Gabite
SV40 – Garchomp
SV41 – Eevee
SV42 – Swablu
SV43 – Noibat
SV44 – Oranguru
SV45 – Type: Null
SV46 – Leafeon-GX
SV47 – Decidueye-GX
SV48 – Golisopod-GX
SV49 – Charizard-GX
SV50 – Ho-Oh-GX
SV51 – Reshiram-GX
SV52 – Turtonator-GX
SV53 – Alolan Ninetales-GX
SV54 – Articuno-GX
SV55 – Glaceon-GX
SV56 – Greninja-GX
SV57 – Electrode-GX
SV58 – Xurkitree-GX
SV59 – Mewtwo-GX
SV60 – Espeon-GX
SV61 – Banette-GX
SV62 – Nihilego-GX
SV63 – Naganadel-GX
SV64 – Lucario-GX
SV65 – Zygarde-GX
SV66 – Lycanroc-GX
SV67 – Lycanroc-GX
SV68 – Buzzwole-GX
SV69 – Umbreon-GX
SV70 – Darkrai-GX
SV71 – Guzzlord-GX
SV72 – Scizor-GX
SV73 – Kartana-GX
SV74 – Stakataka-GX
SV75 – Gardevoir-GX
SV76 – Sylveon-GX
SV77 – Altaria-GX
SV78 – Noivern-GX
SV79 – Silvally-GX
SV80 – Drampa-GX
SV81 – Aether Foundation Employee
SV82 – Cynthia
*SV83 – Fisherman (unconfirmed starting here)
*SV84 – Guzma
*SV85 – Hiker
*SV86 – Lady
*SV87 – Brooklet Hill
*SV88 – Mt. Coronet
*SV89 – Shrine of Punishment
*SV90 – Aether Paradise Conservation Area
*SV91 – Tapu Bulu-GX
*SV92 – Tapu Fini-GX
*SV93 – Tapu Koko-GX
*SV94 – Tapu Lele-GX

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  1. Frost Amethyst AMAB-NB


    Guesses for the missing spots:
    48 - Any of the many Eevee cards we haven't gotten (gut is the Forbidden Light alt art we never got along with Lady FA)
    52 - Blaine's Last Stand, because all the other Kanto Gym Leaders got reprinted
    63 - Misty's Water Manipulation
    65 - Sabrina's Suggestion, for the same reason as Blaine
    66 - Bird Trio FA
    67 - Giovanni's Exile FA
    68 - Jessie & James FA

    Perfect fits!
  2. John Wick Aspiring Trainer
    John Wick



    The said YouTube could be me, or not lol

    Watch me sell the extra boxes for a lot tomorrow on eBay to people desperate to get these earlier than Aug 23 lol...or not lol
  3. John Wick Aspiring Trainer
    John Wick


    What I find appalling is that there's 94 SV cards, and for me to have pulled 8 out of 18 packs is basically less than 50% chance of a SV. It sucks and will have a group that I hang out with, a little over 50 for card matches, to send the company complaints on the pull ratio.
  4. RiverShock Aspiring Trainer


    It's easier to pull a full set of Shiny Vault cards than it is to pull a full set of Full Arts from recent main-set boosters, though. Assuming Shiny Vault shows up 1 in every 3 packs, that's 282 packs on average to get them all. (Obviously assuming no duplicates, but this is just a comparison.) To get all the non-Secret Full Arts from Team Up (which are about 1/18 packs), you'd need on average 414 packs. This comparison is actually probably more in favour of Shiny Vault than that would appear, too, since it includes all 94 cards in that count while I excluded the secrets from Team Up. Odds are Brooklet Hill and on are secret, and I shouldn't have counted them in that comparison.
    Skeleton Liar and Coolpilot like this.
  5. Skeleton Liar サーナ~
    Skeleton Liar


    So that's why TPCi reserved Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno GX and the Team Rocket-related cards for this set. To make it into a Gen 1 set combined with the Family Box Set and the Brock and Misty decks. Okay. So it's Generations Part 2.

    The pull rates for the Shiny Vault cards are decent, and that's good. But it you whiff on pulling something, you really whiff with this set. Those are some lackluster rares. Sure, you might get Erika's Hospitality. But you also might get a Lapras that does 80 damage for 3 energies. It seems like a very high risk, high reward kind of set. More so than usual.

    I'm still at least looking forward to the ETB, but the main set has kind of made me uninterested to get more products outside of that.
    Ev1l likes this.
  6. dom Aspiring Trainer


    You're ignoring the (likelyhood of) individual rarity though, so the odds are a lot worse than a standard set.

    in the video of the 8 SV cards he got. 6 were standard, 2 were full arts. having 75% of all SV cards pulled being the standard cards is unlikely to be a coincidence, not a stretch to think that the non full art SV cards will be much more common than the gx's/fa/gold.

    let's pretend those are the odds.

    1/3 boosters gets you a SV card, then 1/4 of those SV cards will be either a gx or trainer fa

    so you'd get 1(sv) GX for every 12 HF booster packs opened.

    there's 48 (sv) gx's/full arts.assuming no doubles, you'd have to open up 504 HF booster packs to get all the SV gx's.

    Then there's the (again somewhat likely) chance that like in normal sets certain gx's are rarer than others. good chance you'll pull multiple electrode & altaria gx's before you get a charizard gx. Meaning surely we're going to have to open far more than 500 boosters to complete the set.

    then there's secret rares. even if they are half the likelihood they are in normal sets at around 1/60 packs. you'd have to open 180 HF packs to get one.

    Hopefully the more that are opened the less scary the odds will prove to be, but regardless
    considering there's no booster boxes, this will be an insanely expensive set to complete.

    was thinking of completing this set (haven't done a set since evolutions), but might be better to buy 90% of it.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019
  7. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    This basically making the RH especially for the rare harder to find also since they replace it
  8. Poke_collector Aspiring Trainer


    Glad we’re finally getting lady fa. Now to get masked royal fa and the other Zekrom GX cards
  9. Cati Aspiring Trainer



    also does this potentially mean that the regular versions of these cards are going to be crashing in price? or no?

  10. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    As I watch the pack opening, all packs are White Code but not that means that you'll guarantee to pull a holo. And also, TPCi did a clever job for reprinting Supporter cards like Bill's Analysis because they don't want to reprint things like Ultra Ball and extends its legality. If this is all Kanto-based set, where the heck is Charging Togedemaru? Togedemaru was from Family Box, and I expect to be there since it doesn't be in Unified Minds.

    And also again, are we expecting Gyarados GX and Wigglytuff GX?
  11. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    3.) Are we expecting Zoroark and Metagross being omitted in the set since they'll be promos?
  12. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    Take my money!!!!
  13. SupStar Aspiring Trainer


    Aren't half of these not even in standard anymore because of the newest rotation :(
  14. Frost Amethyst AMAB-NB


    These aren't going to happen. Almost every year there's a super scarce lottery-type card that players in Japan have to win to earn and there's only like 1000 copies ever made. Masked Royal FA was 2017's and the Zekrom full arts were 2018's. The Mewtwo GX full art reprint of Hidden Fates's Mewtwo GX are 2019's. Back in Gen 5 there were full arts of Giratina EX and Rayquaza EX we never got. etc
  15. Swampert Full Art #GROOKEYGANG
    Swampert Full Art


    Well RIP my happiness and hopes to complete the set
  16. Pokenerd Aspiring Trainer


    I'm just excited to get an english SV Greninja Gx
  17. MilesEX Aspiring Trainer


    I hope you're kidding, a near 50% pull rate is amazing.
  18. Frost Amethyst AMAB-NB


    No it's really not that great when there's almost 100 Shiny Vault cards in the set. And that this is supposed to be the annual special set that has a guaranteed holo pull.
  19. Ian Hatcher Aspiring Trainer
    Ian Hatcher


    I think 8/18 is amazing. If that holds true it's better than the shiny rate in both SL and Ultra GX. Looks like the FA shiny could be the tougher pull for sure though as it should be.

    Sorry guy who posted the video but that was brutal to watch with the music playing. Thanks anyway.

    Ready to crack these open as I have 3 cases of ETBs on pre-order :) Going all in on this set for sure!
    OblivionWielder likes this.
  20. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    I thought I wanted more of this set but I just realized 90% of the pulls are gonna be useless Kanto :/