New Pokemon Yamper, Electric, and Impidimp, Dark/Fairy, Revealed!

I’m here at E3 playing the Pokemon Sword & Shield demo! In the demo you play through Nessa’s Water-type Gym.

Two new Pokemon were revealed named Yamper, an Electric-type who’s in your party, and Impidimp, a Dark/Fairy-type.

Yamper‘s attacks are Play Rough, Spark, Crunch, and Wild Charge. Its Ability is Ball Fetch: “If this Pokemon is not holding an item, it will fetch the Poke Ball from the first failed throw of the battle.”

Sobble‘s attacks are Liquidation, Rain Dance, Soak, and Water Pulse.

Scorbunny‘s are Flame Charge, Quick Attack, Double-Edge, and Headbutt.

Grookey‘s are Razor Leaf, Uproar, Slam, and Knock Off.

Corviknight‘s are Brave Bird, Swagger, Drill Peck, and Steel Wing.

Wooloo‘s are Defense Curl, Double-Edge, Take Down, and Cotton Guard.

Gossifleur gets Hyper Voice.

Impidimp knows Assurance and Play Rough.

If you run in circles with the joystick, your character can pose (pictured right).

You can whistle, which will cause wild Pokemon to run to you.

Yamper was mentioned in the Pokemon Sword & Shield leaks, again showing their reliability.