‘Hidden Fates’ Shiny Pokemon Are Alternate Arts!

TPCi has officially revealed Hidden Fates! The set will contain 68 cards (before secret rares) and 94 “SV” cards.

As predicted, the shiny Pokemon are printed as “A” alternate art cards and are in a subset. This means the legality of the cards won’t reset. The subset is numbered “SV,” which might stand for “shiny version.”

As also predicted, the Team Rocket cards originally from Unified Minds have been moved into this set.

TPCi confirmed there will be a “Hidden Fates Ultra-Premium Collection,” which is likely our American version of Europe’s Hidden Fates Premium Powers Collection. It should come with more goodies than the European version.

The set’s products will begin to release on August 23rd. The “stained glass” Bird Trio card will be available as a promo in the set’s Elite Trainer Box, which releases on September 20th.