‘Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution’ TCG Tin with Charizard Promo!

Starting this Friday, Japanese fans who preorder movie tickets to Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution will be able to purchase a special TCG tin from 7-11 stores. It will cost 1,650 yen on top of the price of the movie ticket.

Each tin will include an alternate art Charizard promo (originally from Team Up), 4x booster packs of SM10 Double Blaze, 4x packs of GG End, the movie ticket (with a serial code to download Mewtwo to your game), and a guide.

The Charizard in the artwork is the one Mewtwo clones in the film, hence the special markings on its skin. We will get more information about the movie on Thursday when Oha Suta airs a segment about the film. The segment will probably feature a new trailer too.