New ‘Full Metal Wall’ Teaser Info — Celesteela-GX!

We’ve received the official Full Metal Wall teaser info sent to Japan’s hobby stores by Pokemon!

The set will feature a new Celesteela-GX. The original one was Metal, so perhaps this one will be Colorless to represent Celesteela’s Flying-type? Celesteela is a huge Steel-type Pokemon, so it makes sense it would be included in this set.

There will be a new Supporter that lets you put a Trainer card from your discard pile into your hand by discarding a Metal Energy.

Another Supporter card will prevent the effects of your opponent’s Item cards.

The set will release in Japan on February 1st and will then become part of our Unbroken Bonds set in May.

Thanks goes to Arantxa, Totolaw, and Tunu for the translations!