Major Upgrades Coming to PokeBeach’s Article Program!

PokeBeach’s article program is booming like never before! The program has received an unprecedented numbers of views and subscriptions in the past year thanks to your support and the passionate work of our writers and editing team.

Our monthly tournaments continue to be a major hit thanks to TCGplayer, who sponsors free prizes for players. (Our tournaments are free for anyone to enter and win prizes, but article subscribers get reserved spots and double the prizes.)

Tournament Prizes: Pick What You Want!

We’re excited to announce a major upgrade starting with our February tournament: TCGplayer will allow everyone to use their winnings to pick their own prizes! This means more than just booster packs!

If under the old system you won a booster box, you can now get a booster box’s worth of product from their store. This means you can now get single cards, promo boxes, booster packs — whatever you want!

But that’s not all — TCGplayer will also allow you to save up your tournament winnings to get larger items! So if you came in 16th place for one tournament, 8th in another, and win another, you can combine your winnings at a later date to get better items! All the power is in your hands, all on the best Pokemon TCG store on the planet!

Tournaments Now Revolve Around New Releases!

While PokeBeach’s tournaments have always started on the 1st of each month, this hasn’t always lined up with the release of new sets, meaning players were forced to play with outdated decks for the duration of a tournament.

Starting with our February tournament, round one of our tournaments will now commence on the 10th of each month! This means that Team Up will be legal for our February tournament, and future sets will be legal for our tournaments upon their release. Starting tournaments on the 10th will give players enough time to collect the cards they need in PTCGO to update their decks for a new set.

Writing Additions!

We want to welcome Isaiah Williams to our writing staff! He set the pace for the entire Expanded format by revolutionizing control lists with his Top 8 Portland Regionals Zoroark-GX / Oranguru deck, among multiple high placements at the Regional and International level.

Isaiah joins our elite team of Caleb Gedemer, Rukan Shao, Stéphane Ivanoff, Grant Manley, and Zak Krekeler. Our writers have played yet another remarkable season, with the squad already earning a combined 3,549 Championship Points (an average of 710 CP each; you need 550 by mid-July to get your Worlds invite). In particular, we want to congratulate Caleb on his second place Regional Championship finish this past weekend. Caleb played almost the exact list he wrote about in his article, “The Dallas Observer.”

If you’re interested in subscribing to our article program, which publishes at least 14 articles a month, be sure to check out this link!

We’d like to thank all of you for believing in PokeBeach for the past 16 years and supporting the article program. The more success the website has seen, the more we’ve been able to work with our partners to improve our programs and help the community! PokeBeach has always been by fans, for fans, and we will continue to support the Pokemon TCG for all eternity.

Want to join PokeBeach's news team? We're currently looking for TCG news writers, especially those who live in time zones where it's night in America (such as Europe). If this interests you, please fill out this application!

PokéBeach's news commenting system is completely integrated with our forums! , you can reply to this story's forum thread directly on this page with all of the forum's functionality!

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    That's pretty awesome
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  3. Kent Freeze Aspiring Trainer
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    Thanks -- makes sense to have the tournaments start later. I had just been thinking it would be a long time to wait to be able to try out the new set in the next pokebeach tourney.
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  4. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    Do the tournaments cost money?
  5. DarkMatterGaming "Wait, he's not dead?"


    Oh sick, Feburary's tournament lands on my birthday.
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    Feb 10 is my birthday too!
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  7. Braiden1235 Aspiring Trainer


    That is so amazing now if I get prizes I can get singles O.O so like if I had won the 2 boxes its what 2 boxes cost right?
  8. Braiden1235 Aspiring Trainer


    Mines the 12th :O
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  9. Camoclone TCG Articles Head

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    I've been wanting to participate in one of these tournaments for a while. Maybe now is finally the time!
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  12. Should've made it say "Do the free tournaments cost money?"
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    That's awesome.

    Well done pokebeach team and TCGPlayer!
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    Congrats to Isaiah! I look forward to being featured losing to him on a tournament report someday.
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  15. Kashvinder Mann Aspiring Trainer
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    Great news and happy to hear Team Up will be legal next month. The new prizing structur sounds great for all involved. Keep up the good work guys. :)
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    I love the new prize system!
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    It's a good news to see Team Up being legal, thanks for the information :)

    ShowBox Tutuapp Mobdro
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    Does a subscription have to last through the whole tournament to qualify for double prizes?
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