Shiny Magnezone, Metang, Beldum from ‘GX Ultra Shiny,’ Reverse Holofoil Look!

We now have an early photo of shiny Magnezone from GX Ultra Shiny, which is a reprint of Magnezone from Ultra Prism. We also have a real photo of the set’s glossy reverse holos.

Update: And literally two seconds after posting, shiny Beldum and Metang were officially revealed! They’re reprints of Beldum from Guardians Rising and Metang from Guardians Rising.

The tips of shiny Magnezone’s poles were originally gray and light blue, as first seen in Platinum. But for some reason in Gen 7 they were recolored to be red and blue like regular Magnezone. Magnezone’s poles are always gray until they “turn on” and become colored.

It appears each of the set’s 10-card booster packs will come with one reverse holo, one holo, one Pokemon-GX, and one shiny Pokemon. We’re still awaiting final confirmation on this.

The set will release in Japan on November 2nd. All of the set’s normal cards were revealed the other day. The set will have at least 90 secret rares, which is the largest for any English or Japanese set in the game’s history. Only 17 of them have been revealed so far.