New ‘Island Guardians-GX Premium PIN Collection’ at Target!

A pin version of the Island Guardians-GX Premium Collection will be released exclusively at Target featuring Tapu Fini over Tapu Lele!

It will swap out the original collection’s playmat for a set of Tapu pins, the Tapu Lele-GX jumbo for a Tapu Fini-GX jumbo, and the Tapu Lele coin for a Tapu Fini coin. Thus if you want to get the Tapu Fini-GX jumbo, this collection will be the only way to get it!

Originally a Tapu Lele Pin Collection was going to be released in America last August, but it was cancelled due to what we believe to be a manufacturing error with the Tapu Lele pin. Looks like they fixed it and it’s now in this collection!

This pin collection will release on November 6th at Target stores for $39.99. The originally announced Island Guardians-GX Premium Collection will release on November 2nd for $49.99.