Infamous SM45 Tapu Lele Promo Released in France!

The delayed SM45 Tapu Lele promo has now been released in France! Will we see its highly anticipated English release soon?


The card was originally released in Japan’s SM2+ Beyond a New Challenge in April 2017.

That same month, we announced Tapu Lele would be getting its English release in August 2017 via a Tapu Lele Pin Collection. At the time of the product announcement, I noted Tapu Lele’s pin was based on a keychain that had been delayed in Japan due to a manufacturing error. (Our pins are always based on their keychains.)

In August, Japanese players were able to use the Japanese version of the card in early rounds of Worlds because it had been permitted on official documentation. TPCi made those players remove it from their decks since there was still no English release, indicating that the card was probably delayed. The fact they originally stated it would be legal for Worlds seems to demonstrate TPCi wasn’t aware it would be delayed until the last minute.

Once September 2017 rolled around, the pin collection didn’t appear in stores, and we discovered from distributors that the collection was indefinitely delayed. We still don’t know why, but it could have been due to the aforementioned manufacturing error.

In December 2017, a Fairy-type version of the card was released in Japan’s SM5 Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon set, which then released in our Ultra Prism set in February of this year. According to one of our article program editors, Brett Hurley:

The big difference between the Psychic and Fairy versions is that the Psychic version can use Dimension Valley to use Magical Swap for one Energy. The Psychic version is also great in Trevenant BREAK builds. Throw a bunch of damage all over the place and end the game with one Magical Swap, or kneecap an opponent by taking out several key pieces in one fell swoop.

While the Psychic Tapu Lele has now seen its French release, it’s still not legal for tournament play. According to TPCi:

The French version of Tapu Lele SM45 is scheduled for release prior to the English version. Because English is the only version that is legal for use in all regions, this card will not be legal for tournament play until the English version is released.

Hopefully we’ll see its release in America by the end of this year. Distributors still haven’t been told when it will release, only that it will happen eventually. TPCi doesn’t seem to know itself since they still haven’t given any indication of a date!

Thanks goes to Kevin R. for the French product photo! Update (12:41 PM): Whoops, apparently the French product was released exclusively in France’s “Auchan” stores a few months ago. Thanks goes to Balours for the heads-up!