McDonalds Toys and Promos Coming to Happy Meals This Month!

Through November 12th, Happy Meals in the United States will come with a Pokemon toy and 1 of 12 holo promo cards! The promotion officially starts in a few days, but has rolled out to many McDonalds already.

Each card is a reprint, but they’re printed on special holofoil paper that has been used exclusively for McDonalds promos since 2011.

If you don’t to be subjected to highly processed food full of fat, sodium, and sugar, you don’t have to buy a Happy Meal to get these! You can go inside and ask to buy the goods separately.

The same McDonalds promotion took place earlier this year in France (pictured right). The French set had many more cards and they were reverse holo. Our set only includes the Kanto Pokemon to promote Let’s Go.