Worlds 2018 Decks Revealed, Release November!

We now have images of the Worlds 2018 decks!


The decks include…

  • Masters winner Robin Schulz of Germany’s Zoroark / Garbodor deck
  • Masters semi-finalist Pedro Torres of Spain’s Rayquaza deck
  • Seniors winner Magnus Pedersen of Denmark’s Garbodor / Banette deck
  • Junior winner Naohito Inoue of Japan’s Buzzwole / Lycanroc deck

All of their deck lists can be viewed on

The decks will release on November 18th.

Each package comes with the 60-card deck (the cards have a different card back and are not tournament-legal), a 2018 World Championships booklet, a Worlds deck box, a Worlds pin, and a PTCGO code card.