More ‘Dragon Majesty’ English Cards Revealed!

Several more cards from Dragon Majesty have officially been revealed! You can see the full Dragon Majesty set list here.

Like 2016’s Generations and 2017’s Shining Legends, Dragon Majesty is our special holiday set whose booster packs are only available through promo products. There are no Dragon Majesty booster boxes, nor booster packs that are individually available for sale like with a normal set.

Dragon Majesty products include the Latios or Latias Pin Collections (officially releasing September 7th), the Dragon Majesty Elite Trainer Box (September 21st), the Dragon Majesty Super-Premium Collection (October 19th), the Legends of Unova-GX Premium Collection (October 26th), and the Dragon Majesty Ultra Necrozma Figure Collection (October 26th).