Images of ‘Dragon Majesty Super-Premium Collection’ Contents!

Too much news today, good thing I have no life! We now have high definition product images of the “Dragon Majesty Super-Premium Collection!”

The box will release on October 19th for $79.99. It’ll come with…

  • 1 Rare Rainbow Foil promo card featuring Kingdra-GX (SM155)
  • 1 Rare Rainbow Foil promo card featuring Dragonite-GX (SM166)
  • 1 awesome figure of Dragonite
  • 10 Dragon Majesty booster packs
  • 3 collector’s boxes to store your cards
  • 1 playmat for tournaments or for your desk
  • 1 Dragons Then & Now booklet
  • A code card for the Pokemon TCG Online

The European edition of the box will remove two booster packs, the Dragonite figure, the collector’s boxes, the playmat, and the Dragons Then & Now booklet. It will however contain a jumbo Dragonite-GX promo and a poster that the American box won’t have.