Worlds 2018 Competitor’s Swag, Pokemon Center Merchandise!

Worlds is this weekend in Nashville! Competitors have just started to receive their swag bags:


Pictured left to right: everything together (including guitar picks and a red bandana), the competitor bag, Worlds 2018 Pikachu plush, yet another set of Champions Festival promos (SM148), a Pikachu hat, Pikachu pin, Pikachu card sleeves, Pikachu deck box, Pikachu playmat, cloth, and mini-bag.

Except for the promo cards, yellow Pikachu hat, and the full-color Pikachu bag, the rest of the competitor items are available for purchase at the Pokemon Center store set up on location. Here are photos of the store and its merchandise:

This is the Worlds spectator badge and lanyard, which comes with two booster packs:

Thanks goes to Michael S., Sam L., and Stephen K. for the photos!