Twitch to Stream Massive Pokemon Marathon — 19 Seasons and 16 Movies!

Twitch and TPCi have announced the largest Pokemon streaming marathon ever!

Starting August 27th, Twitch will spend 10 months streaming 16 Pokemon movies and 932 episodes of the Pokemon anime — everything from Kanto’s Indigo League through Kalos’s XYZ. That’s 19 total seasons, excluding the Sun & Moon series.

In terms of movies, the event will stream 1999’s Mewtwo Strikes Back through 2016’s Genesect and the Legends Awakened, but four movies will be excluded, likely because their rights are owned by Miramax. This includes 2002’s Pokemon 4Ever featuring Celebi and Suicune, 2003’s Pokemon Heroes featuring Latios and Latias, 2004’s Jirachi Wishmaker, and 2005’s Destiny Deoxys. Both versions of the Victini movie will be part of the marathon.

Each week, the marathon will stream 10 to 16 episodes from Monday through Thursday, then repeat those episodes on Friday and Saturday so you can catch any you missed. Sundays will be dedicated to Pokemon movies.

The event will be Twitch’s longest viewing event ever and will allow viewers to collect Pokemon badges while watching through special Twitch extensions with interactive overlays. The more badges players collect, the higher they’ll appear on leaderboards created for the event.

The event will take place through a series of marathons, so it won’t be a straight run-through. It seems they want to give fans time to digest each season.

The marathon will begin at 10 AM on August 27th for viewers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Australia. The streams will be available in each country’s respective languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese). I’ll post a reminder on the front page and our Twitter once the marathon starts.

I’ll be stuck at my kitchen table over the next few months finishing my movie, so luckily I’ll have this stream to keep me company! :p