Special Reverse Holo Treecko Promo at Gamestop, Canadian Toys R Us Stores!

This Saturday, Toys R Us stores in Canada will be giving away a reverse holo Treecko promo with a Celestial Storm stamp. The giveaway will be part of their Pokemon TCG “Trade & Play” event, which always takes place upon the release of a new set and gives away a set promo.

The “Trade & Play” events were held in the United States up until the closure of Toys R Us in June, meaning the promos no longer had a way of releasing here…

However, we were just sent a photo of the Treecko promo from “JS,” who received the card at his local Gamestop store in the United States!

We reported this week that Gamestop stores would be holding new “Trade & Battle” events in the United States, but no official information has surfaced yet. It seems Treecko will be given out during that event. We’ll of course bring details on the event once we find out more!

As you can see, the Treecko features a new type of reverse holo style that uses galaxy holofoil paper instead of the “wavy” Sun & Moon style holofoil paper. Pretty cool!

So we can now assume future set promos will still be released in the United States!

Update: According to some of our forum users below, some Gamestop stores are holding the “Trade & Battle” event this weekend. Attendees  receive a Treecko promo and a Celestial Storm poster. The event hasn’t officially been advertised anywhere yet, however.