‘Thunderclap Spark’ Booster Box Image!

We now have the booster box image for SM7a Thunderclap Spark! The box reveals that Victini, Litleo, Pyroar, and Tapu Koko will be in the set.

Thunderclap Spark will release in Japan on July 6th. For more information about the set, check out this news story.

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  1. Charizard=Life Aspiring Trainer


    Is this set part of Celestial Storm?
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  2. TheRealBro.. Relax


    I was just thinking. With SM7 coming out this august, that would mean that SM12 (usually the last TCG set) would come out 15 months after that, being november 2019.

    It only makes sense then that Gen 8 (the real new core game for Switch) arrives late 2019 instead of 2018 because of this.. Right?

    Anyway, Zeraora box looks cool! Hoping for some good artwork.
  3. Gameguard Aspiring Trainer


    No this will be a special set first friday of October I believe or September can't remember. It be like generations was and shining legends sets where. Miss with the other set from earlier this spring we not got yet. But I could be wrong
  4. Dark Espeon Dark Avatar
    Dark Espeon


    SM7a had been rumored to be combined with SM8 while SM7b will be its own mini set. SM7b will focus on Fairy and Psychic Pokémon in addition to Grass Pokémon.
  5. Gameguard Aspiring Trainer


    Thinking cuz zeroroa is in new movie coming out which we will get in October that they put it in octobers mindset. But it does make a little sence in which you saying
  6. Chrswrites Aspiring Trainer


    Actually... The dragon set SM6a will be a miniset! What will happen to Fairy Rise is unknown (if I'm correctly informed)
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  7. Kangaflora Aspiring Trainer


    One question: If Victini, Litleo, Pyroar and Tapu Koko are going to be in it, then what type will they be? Will they be Fire, Fire, Fire and Lightning respectively, or will they be Psychic, Colorless, Colorless and Fairy respectively?
  8. Sethy79 Aspiring Trainer


    Very nice card. This will be highly desirable right away and should bring in a strong new electric archetype.
  9. Holden Sheeks a.k.a. WinterShorts
    Holden Sheeks

    Advanced Member Member

    What on earth is that Victni art?

    Also it'd be funny if Flying Flip Tapu Koko got printed again :p
  10. pokeraider123456 Aspiring Trainer


    its a lightning "night cloak darkrai" and a manaphy -ex aqua tube.
    It has some uses, with lightning decks, but tapu koko can already do without zeroara. maybe useful in some decks. could useful in raikou deck again.

    not really as soon as it attack its dead weight, and a easy 2 prize cards for fighting decks. maybe better off as a bench pokemon, and the gx attack is questionable, you might want to save it for another pokemon.
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  11. Allatsea27 Aspiring Trainer


    Weakness Policy with this maybe?
  12. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

    Webmaster News Head Activities Head Elite Member Advanced Member Member

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  13. ForeverRanger91 Aspiring Trainer


    Unless we get some kind of Stadium protection, that thing won't see play.
  14. MultX Aspiring Trainer


    OMG, this stadium.. Set up, disrupt your opponent, place stadium, opponent is locked.
  15. Number51x Blasting off at the speed of light!


    Looks like it can only be bumped with another stadium. It's protected from Field Blower which is pretty decent protection.
  16. Tapu Lele Responsibile for an Economic Recession
    Tapu Lele

    Forum Mod Member

    So we have a single stadium that prevents all supporters and items from being used, thus being invincible to field blower, making it extremely hard for any opponent to do much of any, thing late game if they did not set up an ability-based pokemon draw support, creating a new meta in which players must rely on abilities or excessive stadium counts in order to counter this amazing card, or create another lightning deck of their own that can compete with this beast of a card, on top of a busted Zearora-GX and a triple Plus power for lightning type pokemon.

    Time to play Machamp GX!
  17. ddskzb Aspiring Trainer


    Super powerful electro item and stadium.
  18. Timmony_tcg Aspiring Trainer


    It's nice to know that the Stadium has a built-in protection against Field Blower, but it can easily be replaced by a counter-Stadium. Fortunately, there might not be too many popular Stadium cards in next season's Standard format, although Brooklet Hill will undoubtedly remain popular in Buzzwole decks.

    I'm honestly not sure what to think of the Stadium - it has a great effect, but it essentially brings the game to a grinding halt until it's replaced. Most definitely has potential
  19. Merovingian Rooty tooty water shooty!

    Articles Staff Member

    This card has “Expanded” written all over it.

    All of a sudden, any deck that has the tempo advantage can lock the game out. This card is a late game Death-knell. Especially with SHL Marshadow

    It also hurts Wailord in Expanded, so there’s that.
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  20. RiverShock Aspiring Trainer


    Wait... Is the translation on the Trainer blocking accurate? I feel like that kind of effect wouldn't be acceptable... I'd assume it actually only makes itself immune to Trainer effects or something, Omega Barrier style.