‘Dark Order,’ Japan’s October Mini-Set!

Dark Order will be a new Sun & Moon mini-set releasing in Japan on October 5th!

It will feature 52 cards (excluding secret rares). The pack art shows it will feature Hoopa Unbound, Incineroar, and Absol. That in lieu of the set name indicates it will feature Dark-type Pokemon. It will thus be another supplemental set focusing on a few types like Dragon Storm and Fairy Rise.

Like normal Japanese sets, it will feature five cards per booster packs and each one will cost 150 yen.

Also releasing October 5th is a new Energy card box. It will come with six of each Energy (54 cards total) and can hold up to 500 cards (or 250 if they’re sleeved). It will retail for 500 yen.

Thanks goes to Bangiras for the translations!