More Details for ‘Mega Charizard X vs. Mega Blastoise Battle Arena Decks!’

We’ve learned a few more details about the Mega Charizard X vs. Mega Blastoise Battle Arena Decks.

Each of the two 60-card decks will include 11 foil cards, including a foil M Charizard-EX or M Blastoise-EX, a foil Charizard-EX or Blastoise-EX, and eight foil Basic Energy. The eleventh foil card in each deck will likely be a special foil version of a card that was originally non-holo.

The decks will come with with tournament-Level Trainer Cards such as Brigette, Lysandre, and Ultra Ball.

The product description does not mention exclusive cards or alternate artwork cards like some of the previous Battle Arena Decks. Thus, the decks will entirely consist of reprints. Some past Battle Arena Decks have included exclusive cards, such as Karen, or cards with new artwork, like Professor Sycamore and Trainers’ Mail.

The decks will also come with the usual trimmings: two metallic coins, two deck boxes, a two-player playmat, a PTCGO code card, two sets of damage counters, and a quick guide that explains each deck’s strategy.

The package will release on September 21st.