‘Pokemon Crystal’ Releasing on the 3DS Virtual Console in January

As expected, Pokemon Crystal will release on the 3DS Virtual Console on January 26th!

Unlike the original game, the GS Ball / Celebi event in Ilex Forest will now be available in the main storyline.

Originally, Japanese versions could use a special cell phone accessory that hooked up your Gameboy Color to your cell phone connection, allowing players to battle and trade each other across Japan. It was an early version of using the Internet to connect Pokemon games. If you used this accessory, you could receive a GS Ball, take it to Kurt, and then take it to the shrine in Ilex Forest to encounter a Level 30 Celebi. The accessory was never released outside of Japan and the game wasn’t reprogrammed to make the event default. It seems they’ve rectified that problem 18 years later!

Europeans will be able to purchase a physical package from stores which comes with a download code. Japanese players will also be able to purchase a package that comes with a magnetized Pokemon Crystal cartridge, stickers, and a poster:


The re-release of this game probably means we’ll get a Suicune-GX soon. It is noticeably absent from the upcoming Legends of Johto GX Collection, which will release in April, so it may be released in an upcoming set.