First English ‘Ultra Prism’ Cards, Set Wallpapers, ETB Contents!

Lunala Prism Star (#62/156) and Super Boost Energy Prism Star (#136/156) have been revealed from Ultra Prism, our English equivalent of Japan’s SM5 Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon set which was just released last week.


The English press release gives us an explanation for why the set is Sinnoh-themed: “Echoing the story line from the recently released video games Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon, this latest Pokémon TCG expansion is set in an alternate version of Sinnoh, one of the twisted parallel regions that players can reach by traveling through an Ultra Wormhole.”

Here’s some high quality artwork of the set’s booster pack images. You can use them as wallpapers!

SM5 Dusk Mane Necrozma Artwork SM5 Dawn Wings Necrozma Artwork SM5 Giratina Artwork SM5 Leafeon Artwork

Ultra Prism will release in America and Europe on Friday, February 2nd.

Images for the contents of the Elite Trainer Boxes have also been revealed. You can check out all of the set’s product images in this story.