‘World Championship 2017 Decks’ Product Images!

The Worlds decks to be printed this year are…

  • Masters winner Diego Cassiraga’s “Infinite Force”
  • Masters runner-up Naoto Suzuki’s “Golisodor”
  • Seniors winner Zachary Bokhari’s “Ice Path FTW”
  • Juniors semifinalist Kabu Fukase’s “Samurai Sniper”

You can find each deck list on Pokemon.com.

The decks will be released in stores on November 17th. Each comes with a Worlds 2017 pin, deck box, and a booklet.

The cards in these decks have special backs, making them illegal for tournament play. But they’re still a great way to get official proxies and to learn how to use Worlds-class decks!

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  1. Missingno650 Missingno Master


    "Ice Path FTW" XD, what a great name! I love it!
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  2. Tri2attack Eating Pizza


    I wished they changed the way that they make these cards so the can make them legal in some way like the non ultra rate cards are non proxy.
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  3. DKQuagmire Who else but Quagsire?


    I have wanted this for years. why can't they just give us Non Holo GX cards inside these boxes to play with, which have the official Pokemon TCG Backs on the back of the cards. Playing these cards in official tournaments with the cards signed on the front would look so dope! closest thing we have at the moment are pre-release stamped cards, and special event stamped cards, like the Toys R Us Alolan Vulpix card.

    I still remember my first worlds deck i bought. don't remember much about it, but it had the word "Ballad" signed on each card and had cards like "Holon's Electrode" in the deck. I miss those Delta Species cards. I guess Alolan Pokemon are kinda like Delta Species, but not really, since they're now canon to the series, and Delta species aren't.

    The one worlds deck that made me want to go out and buy real copies of every card to try on my own was the Juniors 2010 Jumpluff "Mass Attack" deck from the HS set (it might of been 2009 but whatever). that deck had the Great Encounters claydol and The Majestic Dawn Uxie draw card with Crobat G SP.

    when i built the deck, Claydol had been rotated out, so had to use HS Sunflora in its place. However the deck was able to take a 1st place victory at my first ever battle roads tournament at the time. good times.
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  4. signofzeta Aspiring Trainer


    There's a reason why this product isn't tournament legal.

    It's one thing to look up someone's deck online, and search for the single cards to build the deck.

    It is another thing to buy the entire deck for $25, and be competitive in tournaments.

    If you want a deck as tournament worthy as these world champ deck, but also tournament legal, better shell out $250.
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  5. The Ultimate Umbreon To Ultra space and beyond!
    The Ultimate Umbreon


    The Pokemon company could have a special tournament using only world championship cards...
  6. Flower sea Aspiring Trainer
    Flower sea


    Easy..they can't make more money that way..
  7. Jake_Silberman Now accepting donations of Full Art Zinnias


    Including cards you can use for competitive tournaments in these decks would lose TPCI an absurd amount of money. For example, all of these decks include Tapu Lele. If they were playable Leles, there would me almost no reason to buy Guardians Rising over something like Burning Shadows. Speaking of Burning Shadows, there would be way less incentive to buy that set as well since 2 of the decks include 3 copies of either Gardevoir-GX and Golisopod-GX, which are the 2 most expensive Regular Art GXs in Burning Shadows, and like Guardians Rising, if playable copies were included in these decks, there would be little to no reason to buy packs of the set.
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  8. BraviaryBoi Anonymus


    Bleh idk why they picked the juniors semifinalist deck. Better choices would’ve been greninja or..... yea greninja that’s oretty much it.
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  9. Kristen Aspiring Trainer


    Is the deckbox nice at least? And I'm hoping the codes redeem something like sleeves for online. That'd be cool. I like these as it gives me an easy way of having cards to playtest with in person.
  10. Green778 It's always darkest before the dawn...


    :eek::eek::eek::eek: They printed Golisopod twice instead of Espeon...
  11. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    My local store is selling the 4 of them together for $63 (taxes included). They're not selling them individually.

    Since I don't play at any tournaments and mostly just play with friends/family, I'm considering picking them up. What do people think of that price?
  12. signofzeta Aspiring Trainer


    Just think of these as replica jerseys of a championship team.

    Great for fan wear, bad while playing sports.
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  13. TokenDuelist YGO TCG is Cheaper. Fight me.


    Ya'll saying it's a bad thing if they made these versions tournament legal but you don't remember the EX Collections Japan had before that were the equivalent of these? A playable equivalent no less?

    Japan has gotten these in the form of playable collections while we don't get that. Anyone saying they wish they were playable has every reason to wish that.
  14. TokenDuelist YGO TCG is Cheaper. Fight me.


    The Quoted message has been removed for breach of Pokebeach rules

    Oh boy quite the arrogant poster ain't ya?
    They didn't put out the decks, they put out at most, 2 copies of the most played cards in a collection. Staple cards should be more accessible to the players.

    This kind of mindset is why this TCG has gone straight down the gutter for me.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2017
  15. signofzeta Aspiring Trainer


    Unfortuantely, Pokemon TCG isn't Yugioh.

    You're gonna hate MTG then. If they do reprint staple cards, they'd end up in a product where you have to pay a lot of cash to obtain it.

    Yugioh believes that players should at least have access to staple cards. Magic believes that a card should not be devalued because of reprinting. MTG does reprint some cards, but not as often as Yugioh. I think Pokemon falls in between. They will reprint cards, ahem, look at all those box sets and tins, but they won't overdo it like Yugioh does. Pokemon TCG will reprint some of the better cards, but they won't reprint the best cards. The main format being a set rotational format also means that there is no point in reprinting cards anyway.

    Yugioh has many sets that have reprints, in which boosters cost $3.99 per pack. Magic has a reprint masters set which costs $9.99 per pack.

    I am trying to figure out how a MTG vs Yugioh is to Right Wing vs Left Wing politics analogy could work, but I couldn't think of one.

    It's sort of the same when a person who believes in communism lives in a capitalist society. TPCi has a way they want to run the game, and unfortunately, it doesn't work out for you.

    I don't play or even want to get near MTG, Pokemon, or Yugioh tournaments because I don't have to deal with complaining about how hard it is to get that one card everybody wants.

    I still don't remember there being a Pokemon TCG product in Japan existing where you are guaranteed to get certain staple cards. The cards you probably thinking about probably can only be obtained via booster lottery anyway, and none of the Japanese TCG products had a guaranteed Tapu Lele GX. The guaranteed card they have ended up or will most likely end up in international box sets anyway.

    Another card in the world champ decks is Golisopod GX. That card is in none of the Pokemon TCG Japanese products other than the booster set it belonged to.

    If the Japanese product that contains the cards you are talking about is indeed in a booster set, it is no different from buying even more packs of guardians rising, or burning shadows.

    Your argument of Japan does this so so should the rest of the world would have merit only if you can name one Japanese Pokemon TCG product, basically a preconstructed deck, where you are guaranteed to get a staple card from one of the 4 2017 world championship decks that isn't already in a box set in the US. Even if you did find one, none of the Japanese preconstructed decks have a Tapu Lele GX.
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  16. TokenDuelist YGO TCG is Cheaper. Fight me.


    If your only comparison is other card games, then compare it to YGO because of my username then it already tells me you're seeking to be right about something.

    All I said was Japan has printed top decks in some form that is easily accessible. Not complete decks - but the cards themselves. They're already very easy to obtain there regardless.

    You should be comparing how easy it is to access the cards in Japan compared to North America.

    Sorry you're having a tough time accepting this fact though.
  17. signofzeta Aspiring Trainer


    The fact of the matter is that none of the Japanese preconstructed decks have "THE" staple cards you are referring to, like Tapu Lele GX. How is that not any different from buying a box set with a GX card in it, much less Battle Arena and Legendary Battle Decks?

    Name me a product that you are trying to refer to. I mentioned Yugioh because that is the way they do things. It wasn't your avatar or username that made me think Yugioh, it is your idea that Pokemon TCG should give everyone access to staple cards made me think Yugioh. They most readily reprint staple cards, something MTG is reluctant to do. I do not see an official Japanese TCG product out there that is a "top deck", like the world championship decks. Such products don't exist.

    Only looking at the Sun and Moon era, which is what most of these 2017 world champ decks draw their cards from, we have these preconstructed decks from Japan, that are currently released, according to Bulbapedia:

    Sun and Moon starter set decks (Decidueye GX, Incineroar GX, and Primarina GX are in their respective premium collections)
    Rockruff Full Power Deck (Lycanroc GX is in the Lycanroc GX Box)
    Tapu Bulu GX enhanced starter set deck (Tapu Bulu GX is in a tin)
    Ash vs Team Rocket deck kit (GX cards haven't been released to the US yet)

    None of those 4 decks look like they even compare to these world championship decks.

    I don't know about you, but the deck you probably were talking about was one of those fake decks from the black market.

    Your argument only has merit if you can tell me the exact name of the Japanese product where they partially printed a "top deck", because in reality, such a product doesn't exist, and even if it did, I would refute that it isn't that cheap to reconstruct that exact deck. Just buy a box set or tin containing the GX card, and some singles, and you have that deck.

    Ok, after looking at the price of those box sets, namely the Decidueye, Incineroar, and Primarina premium collections, $39.99 is a joke. I'd rather have them include one GX card in place of one of the rares in a theme deck. That's all I ask for. One thing I hate about both MTG and Pokemon is that they have super expensive box sets that could have been made cheaper if they included less booster packs in them.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2017
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  18. TokenDuelist YGO TCG is Cheaper. Fight me.


    Master Deck Build Box is a good example of it.

    There was also one with Kyogre and Groudon around it's theme but I cant seem to find the bulbapedia page for it.

    All you're doing is defending bad business practices (which looking at recent products - I'm surprised anyone can defend) and acting closed-minded for the sole purpose of screaming at someone over the internet that you otherwise would not do in person.
  19. signofzeta Aspiring Trainer


    Those products are 2 years old, and we may never know whether Pokemon TCG in Japan has changed its stance on how they want to distribute their more rarer cards. So far, they haven't released a similar product

    MTG is basically the opposite of what you want in a TCG product. I guess WOTC is doing bad business if they are still making cards for MTG after 25 years. I am not acting close minded. I am not screaming at someone over the internet. I am telling you about reality. Both MTG and Yugioh still print cards, so it is obvious that the fact that a company decides to not readily print the staple cards to help the poor people who couldn't afford them isn't a bad business practice. Just as they give in to your wishes and reprint the cards you so desperately want, there is some collector out there who is going to complain how his card collection is being devalued. Either way, TPCi chose how they want to run the business, and if it makes them enough cash for them to continue making new sets, then it is good enough.

    I have been following MTG, Pokemon TCG, and Yugioh, and I do not have enough cash to buy all those products, or even those staple cards. I simply move on. I have my own fair share of complaints about how Fat Packs used to contain 9 boosters and cost $39.99, and now they are renamed bundles and contain 10 boosters and cost $42.99, or how they increase a price of a product and add in a booster pack, thus making it unaffordable for me.

    I am unsure about this, but I read somewhere that in Japan, the consumer buy cards in such a way to play the game, but in the US, there are people who buy cards to play the game just as much as there are those who buy the cards for collection purposes, so whatever works in Japan does not necessarily work in the US.

    All I am saying is that TPCi won't make it guaranteed you get a Tapu Lele GX for cheap. Your recent argument is basically "you're wrong because you are sitting behind a computer". You are just as much sitting behind a computer. You probably won't make a remark to some person in the card store where you play stating how TPCi isn't reprinting certain cards for cheap, instead, typing up the same thing in the Pokebeach forums. It's not like I can talk to you in person considering I am reading what you are typing instead of listening to what you are saying. Instead of complaining about it here, why don't you take your complaints to TPCi? Since you are saying that you should communicate in person, you have to go to their offices in person and tell complain to their boss in person.

    I guess me typing long posts with multiple paragraphs Otaku style is considered "screaming". BTW, Otaku is a user here who is known for long posts.

    Last edited: Oct 30, 2017
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  20. fleshrum April in Kalos...


    Please explain why you think this.