‘World Championship 2017 Decks’ Product Image!

We now have an exclusive product image of the Worlds 2017 decks!

The image doesn’t give away too much information. Masters winner Diego Cassiraga’s Gardevoir-GX deck will be one of the four decks you can purchase (as expected). You can find his deck list in Pokemon.com’s deck database.

The World Championship 2017 decks will be released on November 17th. Each package comes with a 60 card deck, a pin, a deck box, and a booklet.

The cards in the decks have special backs and are not legal for tournament play. But they’re still a great way to get official proxies and to learn how to use a Worlds-class deck.

The pins, packaging, and booklets will feature this Worlds 2017 artwork:

Update: Removed the price, as different places are listing wildly different ones. The decks will probably be the same price as previous years.