‘Alolan Raichu Box’ Now Out in Europe!

The “Alolan Raichu Box” is now available exclusively in Europe! This exact product will not be released in the United States.

As posted before, it comes with a foil promo of Alolan Raichu, a jumbo version of the same card, three booster packs (Roaring Skies, Guardians Rising, Burning Shadows), and a PTCGO code card. Alolan Raichu is an alternate art reprint of the one from the Sun & Moon Trainer Kit.

The American equivalent of the box, the Alolan Raichu Figure Collection, won’t release until next year. As I posted before, this is because TPCi released too many TCG products for the winter season so decided to push its original October 6th release back. It’s now expected to release around March. It comes an Alolan Raichu figure instead of a jumbo card as well as one more booster pack.

Thanks goes to Marowhacker for the photo above!