Trailer of Ash’s Visit to Kanto, Brock and Misty!

Here’s our first preview of the upcoming Sun & Moon episodes featuring Brock and Misty!

Ash’s whole class takes a trip to Kanto to study regional variants. Brock and Misty await them at the airport and it seems like almost no time has passed since they last saw him. Ash also sees his Bulbasaur at Professor Oak’s lab. And of course Team Rocket decides to tag along…

The episodes will show a few photo flashbacks from the first season, including one with Ash, Brock, and Misty saying bye-bye to Ash’s Butterfree. This same scene was depicted in the 20th movie, but of course Brock and Misty were absent. This again shows that the 20th movie is its own timeline.

Jigglypuff is also shown singing. Jigglypuff was originally voiced by Rachael Lillis, who also voiced Misty and Jessie under 4Kids. I wonder if they’ll ask Rachael Lillis to voice Jigglypuff again, which might be odd considering Misty and Jessie are in these episodes but likely won’t be voiced by her. I’m not sure if TPCi would be allowed to use stock audio of Jigglypuff since it might break SAG-AFTRA rules, so they may just end up using a new voice actor, though that would also be odd since Lillis’s portrayal of Jigglypuff is so iconic. Who knows what’ll happen?!

Are you excited?